Audiotalaia Summer Camp - Ur Tanta

Audiotalaia Summer Camp – Ur Tanta

‚Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a workshop, a residency and a collective experience centered around creativity, sound and technology. The meeting looks after shaping a creative practice focused on sound and driven by a collective workflow.

The Camp joins every summer, since 2016, young and creative people involved in the fields of fine arts, music, design, architecture, photography, filmmaking, etc. The goal is to assemble a group of unique and diverse individuals that aim to integrate sound into their personal creative processes, from a wide variety of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds.

Audiotalaia Summer Camp is a creative meeting in which the sound, the technology and the landscape are being approached in several creative processes along nine days.‘

a truly unforgettable experience and a creative explosion

Hört rein in die Arbeiten, die während unseres 9-tägigen Workshops „Audiotalaia Summer Camp“ in Ur Tanta, Iltzarbe, Valle de Ollo, Navarra. zwischen dem 2. und 11. August 2019 entstanden sind.